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[mixed bunch] videos

Arashi - MF21 - 2005.11.12 - Medley (Hadashi no Mirai, Tomadoi Nagara, Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono)
Description/Screencaps: I haven't seen this particular performance anywhere, so I figured I'd upload it. ^^ Contents are exactly as the file name suggests. I want Jun's pants. *O*
Format: .avi
File size: 45.2mb

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Making of One Documentary (メイキング・ドキュメンタリーのOne)
Description/screencaps/other useful information: the limited edition DVD that came with Arashi's ONE album; it's not that it's really elusive; rather, I always end up distracted while looking for it and end up downloading other stuff instead. -_-; Plus I can't really think of anything to request right now. XDv
Prefered format (if applicable): .avi, though I'll take anything, really. xD
Prefered hosting server: Megaupload, please. ^^v

[mixed bunch] video + audio

Description/Screencaps: This is a clip where ladeelahlahlah blahdeeblah.
Format: .random
File size: 00mb

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Description/screencaps/other useful information: It's an old clip from 1999-2000, I think, where Nino ruffles a tiny Ryo's hair and calls him, "Ryo cha~n" backstage.
Prefered format (if applicable): any
Prefered hosting server: Megaupload

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[mod post!] irasshai, irassha~i xD

Hey hey friends! xD

Oh, no. Not another JE comm, please. DX Yes, yes, I know there are a ton already out there, all dedicated to uploading and all that, but I just wanted an excuse to use this layout because I love it, but I can't bear to part with my lovely Aibajun layout figured that I don't forever want to be just that girl who had too much time on her hands to make up useless crack and 586829652 lj comms. Lol.

Also, since Aiba's birthday Christmas is fast approaching, and there are lovely fic exchange thingos going on, well, why not do it with files, too? ^^ I know how hard and frustrating it is to look for a specific (rather elusive) video and have to comb the internet to find it, only to find out that the link has long died and you can't ask for a reup. So I figured, well, why not try this out?

Okay, before this gets tl;dr. The gist of what I wanna say (I tend to ramble, sorry xD) is that this is a community where you can share whatever files you have uploaded (or are willing to upload) onto whatever server (preferably one that's accessible and user-friendly to most) and ask for something in return. The basic thing to remember is just that you can NOT ask/request for something if you're not willing to upload or share. ^^; It's a give-and-take relationship. :) Whatever files have been uploaded, though, are free for everyone else to grab. :D

If you have something that someone has requested for, if you're willing, help a fellow fan out and upload it for them.

Ah...and please follow this format when posting, just so things aren't messy. ^^

Subject: [group name/artist name] type of media
(Ex. [arashi] video + some audio or for more than 1 group: [mixed bunch] video + audio)
Tag/s: Please use the tags provided in the community sidebar; do not invent tags of your own. ^^; If you're not sure what to tag your entries with, please leave them blank.

And the body of your post should follow this format:

If you have already uploaded videos to share/bribe people with:

If you haven't uploaded anything yet, but are willing to upload some files if someone requests for them:

Please refer to the sample post if you're still rather unsure about things. :)